So I have been quite on my blog for some time now. One reason has been that my kid is more often sick home that at school, secondly I myself have been having an awful time with this terrible spring! We say in Prague this year that the Norwegians and Swedish have stolen our summer! It has been very cold till march, then “spring came” and the weather kept on sucking!!! And here we are today with the flooding. Yep. I haven’t been in much mood to write. This weather just sucks away on my creativity, but hopefully that will take a turn for better soon. I am very optimistic.

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A first dove of hope was my recent trip to London. i went for a week. And it was amazing! I went to see 3 musicals. The best of coarse the BoM at the Prince of Wales Theater at the West End, London. I left with some memorabilia pins and bag that i might brave on a day I feel like nice serving of weird looks. But hell, those who seen BoM musical…will understand. Thank you Trey parker and Matt Stone! Your musical was a TREAT!!!

So London and other two musicals. The Jersey Boys and The Chorus line. Very nice too. But nothing beats “hello mu name is …” or hasadigaeebowai (or how its spelled).. one of my favourite too … ” i have awakened…yeah …im not surprised..with those 12 cups of coffe you just drank”…those who know, will understand.

Enough of my rambling =) i will post another post with my recent work. To keep my blog from falling in obscurity.