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For todays post I have decided to elaborate on tufted headboards. Its something I wanted to do for a long time, because they are timeless and elegant. Its something that can be passed down in a family. I am  keeping my eye out for an antique piece that needs some TLC so that I can make my own family heirloom. Headboards tend to be quite expensive but there is lot of DIY projects that can bring the price down significantly.

First of all there are different types of headboards: plain upholstered, tufted upholstered, bookcase headboards, ornate/carved or simple lines. They can be made from wood or metal, when of coarse each material has it limitations.


This is the famous 1950’s Wingback chairs little sister =)

{round corners}

Their shape can be straight rectangle, different curved shapes or they can just have round corners. Here are two charts that I was able to find online as well as few examples.


This is an example of a diamond tufted pattern. I love the lime green fabric. Although I prefer traditional headboards I really enjoy combination of traditional tufted headboard with bold modern fabric.


This is just such a beautiful soothing piece. Plain pale blue fabric on white stressed wood carved frame. Upholstered headboards have a very soft and cozy feel . You can put this kind of headboard anywhere and it will look great. Wood carved headboards with ornate design are a great fit for traditional as well as contemporary interiors. They can be also upholstered like at that picture above.

This is a great example of a modern twist to a simple upholstered headboard. I love the color and the contemporary lines.

If you were wondering what are your options with carved headboard =)

Now don’t stop your imagination at traditional wood headboards. Wood can be used in many ways to create amazing interiors! These are some wonderful rustic examples.

Metal is a cold and hard material. One could think that metal headboards have more of a masculine feel to them but if you look at the examples above, if you add curves they become increasingly feminine and soft.

The following creative examples are a category of their own. Enjoy!

Need place to display your art piece? There you go!

I can imagine that you could use also hockey sticks, or tennis rackets…Beautiful barn door idea, complete with hinges, lock and pair of lamps. This is actually a great concept for little boys room and if you change color for a little girl.No comment…this is just stunning!
Vintage window
Vintage signold doorsvintage shuttersbookcase headboard
…you could also switch it with family photos

I will also mention chalkboard wall as a headboard or you could just paint faux headboard on a wall if you must stay on a budget! I hope you enjoyed these headboard pictures that I collected for you. Let me know if you did!!!!