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Rolling library ladder is a brilliant idea! From practical perspective it adds a great amount of storage in upper cabinets. It can curve to adjust to the cabinetry it serves. You can paint it any color to fit your interiors. And best of all, it takes up very little space!

I love the red color combined with white hardwood floor with almost a vintage look and the sleek modern office desk. 
Library ladder is not tied only with books. It is so versatile that it can be used in almost any space or room in your house. For example this kitchen (or bathroom in my earlier post).
I used to associate ladder with yard work and what ever you can find in a barn. Well you  would be surprise how well it looks in upscale spaces like sitting rooms. If ladder is well-selected it will never look out-of-place.

Need to sneak bit of bedroom into your office? But you don’t have enough space? Well here is an idea for you. All you need is enough ceiling height.I love books. My family has so many and the amount just keeps growing with years that every decade we have to weed out the less attractive titles other wise we would have to open our own library. I know for a fact that my grandmother has taken wheel carts ..now, I mean literally wheel cart loads … full of books that didn’t make the cut to some antiquarian bookshop in the 90’s. Then my dad had to move half of our books from our apartment to our cottage in the country side just to make space for his new books. i had the honor to sort through them and organize them by topic….there were so many o them!!! Now I am truly considering building a large library with library ladder at our country home as there is no more space for any new books. And i don’t thin we will just stop reading =)

So , here are few pictures of library ladder i found on the web. I hope they will help you to better your library!

*Photos from various sources.