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Rolling ladder to get access to hard to reach storage. Also a great way to turn your bathroom into a secondary closet.Provided that the bathroom has a proper ventilation to prevent your clothes, shoes and other necessary accessories from damage. I am specifying this idea for my current client. I will make sure to post how it turned out.

I have been recently thinking about fitting our bathrooms with more shelves. Few behind the toilet like in this picture . I have a big family and there is always lack of storage. I think that even shelves on both sides of sink above its counter are good idea for tight space. It wouldn’t be the best solution for all of course.What I like about this bathroom is the way it fits even small shelves wherever it can like above the tub. I mean the shelves look very narrow but you wouldn’t believe that girl could fit on those =)Now this is a great idea for small apartments or rentals. I think that its very cute. I think that Bed BAth and Beyond sells them.Once again, narrow shelves that could make a lot of difference in small bathroom.I really like the bathroom door towel bars. If you have no free wall space in your bathroom this will solve your problem just as the idea on a photo below.There is a lots of wasted space above doors. I have seen version of this idea in Ikea displaying hallway storage solutions. Make sure you use nice brackets and you are set.Sometimes there is a dead space left behind the bathtub and fitting it with shelves is very common solution.
This is a round shelve storage idea from sliced barrel fitted with shelves to store bathroom necessities.
Some neat pullouts. Great custom design idea.Clothing rod to incorporate bit of a closet space in your bathroom.