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Right now I am working for a client with a small one bedroom apartment. It’s relatively small place but it has some great perks. The building is from 1920’s and still has the original hardwood flooring and 11′ high ceilings. Now the age of the building comes with some restrictions, because it is protected by our Prague’s Historic Preservation Agency. So any changes to the building have to be first approved. This is my first experience with a historical building. I actually feel very happy for this opportunity.

From some reason, and I don’t know why, I felt drawn to begin with designing the bathroom first. Usually i start with living spaces, but this time my design starting point was a bathroom and a claw foot tub.

What I like about this piece is the vibrant green color. It goes great with the octagonal mosaic tile floor. But would look even better with a different subway wall tile though. I can imagine this bathroom for a client who enjoys nature and vintage design. But then, all those who love claw-foot bathtubs must enjoy vintage design style.Now, this bathroom is huge! I hope, that maybe one day I will have a client with bathroom of this size, but for now I must be happy with designing tight spaces. What caught my eye , other that the vastness of space, was the tile choice. Somehow black and white tile goes amazingly well with claw-foot tubs as well as freestanding tubs. Plus I just love chandeliers in bathrooms…There is something french about this beauty. I don’t want to see the price tag, but I love it. I want it!
Chandelier, love it , love it! And the floor tile is once again spot on! Small octagonal tiles with dark grout support the vintage theme and underline the beauty of freestanding bathtub.Rich dark blue contrasted with snow-white shower curtain placed against an accent wall.  Plus notice the crystal chandelier. I grew up in home with crystal chandeliers and so that is my excuse why crystal has stuck with me. And don’t forget that some of the best crystal comes from czech glass factories!
Wood slats wall panelling with black tub, octagonal floor tile. It’s once again clean, simple  and yet vintage.

That’s some big mirror. Great idea for a console table if you are not in need for a storage space. This space is an interesting mix of modern and traditional decor.