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If you have never heard of Clei, its an Italian based furnishings company that simply rocks. If you ever lived in a tight space, you will come to appreciate their products. There are two Clei furniture collections: LIVING SYSTEMS and YOUNG SYSTEMS. They both showcase wonderful solutions for small spaces that need to double as a bedroom and office, or bedroom and living room or even dinning room. All of their systems are in some way transformable. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

This one is their winner of INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD 2012 {Clei.com}

What I like about this idea is that the wall behind the bed remains usable. I have seen many apartments where large wall hight cabinet would crowd the entire room, but this bed would leave the room airy. And The wall behind it would be a perfect place to display family pictures or photographs from travels.

Bed that folds down on top of a stylish sofa..what a great idea. A true innovation. And the upholstery fabric looks beautiful. One must love the combination of orange and gold traditional floral pattern. I think that the fabric really adds a soft touch to the Italian sleek and very often a little bit on the cooler side design style. Its simplistic and ornamental and that makes it very much my kind of style, which is fusion of contemporary and traditional design style.
In 2011 I have used czech company that makes also nice murphy beds. Its called FK System s.r.o. and the picture above is one of their products. I have specified it for my client as a solution to create room that would double as an office as well as bedroom and living room.