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Are you ready for fall? Well I’m not–so far I plan on wearing my new summer dresses for as long as I can paired with some nice leggings and jackets for cooler days. I sure hope this is going to be a mild fall because I am in no way prepared for our typical Prague fall with its wet, windy and cold weather. Honestly I would much rather it to be -20C like in Rexburg, ID than 5C and wet cold that gets to your very bones. Uhh brrr…

But to cheer you up here are few updates on what to expect this fall on the field of fashion. It seems like the colors of this season will be my kind of colors. I mean what girl could resist pink, gold, olympian blue or rose smoke? Right?

Here is the Pantone fashion color report for fall 2012. Thank you Pantone for your great report!


I just equipped myself with nice new pair of dark blue leggings and honey gold handbag and I am really hoping to take out my new Marc Jacobs high heels (dark blue shoes with blue gem set in gold on the tip) for a stroll. I might post some pics of how it went later.

And now here is some inspiration from Shabby Apple. I especially enjoyed their Zoology line for women’s dresses. Usually at about this time of year (pre-fall /fall) my little family and I frequents our town’s zoo Troja. My daughter loves it there. Looking at these beautiful Shabby Apple dresses I can absolutely see myself wearing one of them to our special zoo trips.


It evokes in me coming fall and winter with its mulled wine, grog, hot cider, my moms dried apples from our garden/orchard (we got lots of trees), markets in the downtown prague, roasted chest nuts from a vendor… hmm yummy.

My favorite model is Womens Shabby Apple dress Tigris for $ 118. Its a beautiful wool blend foldover collar dress. It has an old-world feel to it, its very elegant and chic. The color combination of ivory and burnt orange houndstooth simply captivates the essence of fall.

Tigris Womens Dress from Shabby Apple

Now I feel like going on a trip to Vienna or Paris,…may be even somewhere south like Italy. One just has to love those yellow buses (student agency). i will have to check out their prices. I want to go somewhere with good shopping. I went to Vienna last spring and came back with my lovely Marc Jacobs shoes. So may be Paris to change it up? Or may be I should visit a friend in Florence. I just can’t decide.