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   I decided on a last minute ..as usually, to go on a vacation last June. I fear that it has become sort of habit now to do things on a last minute, always catching up on something, constantly juggling fun, work and family. But this adventure turned out to be a good thing. The holiday was spectacular! I stayed at Mitsis Ramira Beach Hotel near capital of Kos (you can find my humble review on TripAdvisor). Anyways, now that I can feel the Fall slowly creeping in, I appreciate all of my greek heaven memories. And so to recapture those lovely times here we have this post.

'collection of bags Adi Gal and Gili Rozin designed for Medusa
...new line called "Ornomentica" '. What I love about it is how it
resonates the character of Mediterranean cultures.
Now, this is a little out of place but this beautiful Versace watch
would be great accessory... one needs to know what time it is..even
in paradise.

This is a classic piece of greece inspired jewelry. Turquoise stone
set in gold. I just love it.

This is just to give you a little taste of the different trinkets to be found there.