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I had to research stripes in interiors while working on one of my last projects. I have never been a huge fan of stripes. Usually they were just to bold for my taste, but recently I have fallen in love with them. Here are some application I came across in the last weeks.

Notice how subtle these stripes are. Very gentle, not overpowering, not a focal point. They spice up the space and add class. I think the color choice is what makes this particular room looks soft, traditional and sophisticated.

When I first saw this one I thought like wow, a but much, isn’t it. But then, we are all different, and for some this might work. After looking at this photo for a while I see that its well put together, balanced, but yes it is bold. It would be great for bold clients who are looking for something unusual and who are not afraid to draw attention.

animal print living room ideas Animal Print Living Room Decorating Ideas

Black wall backdrop for these amazing animal prints photographs. Nature is a beautiful artist. How beautiful. I never likes animal prints on clothing as they seem too much out there and they kinda visually shout. But these prints as a piece of art is just stunning. I will definitely be making mental not to remember this for future when I have a client who loves Africa, nature and such.

animal print living room Animal Print Living Room Decorating Ideas

Gold, glass, crystal, animal stripes, and black & white. I love it. But its not for everyone.

Simple black and white stripes on walls can be paired with traditional pieces as well as modern simple lines. (See golden mirror and modern side board.)

Would love to shop in a store like that. Very colorful, cheerful and so yes, I would enjoy spending money there.

Stripes come all sorts of widths they can be vertical or horizontal, thick or thin. The right choice for your space depends on specifics of each home and room. I personally love thin vertical stripes for bathrooms and wider horizontal black and white stripes for living spaces.

How to Jazz up your Interiors with Stripes

I personally prefer black and white stripes but I can’t deny that these spaces look great! Notice the horizontal colorful stripes with the floral chair in the bathroom. Its very nice.