I am recently working on dressing our living room windows. We have actually a whole wall of windows that is about 4 meters long. I came up with an idea to mix different curtain patterns. And here is some solutions that I found online for inspiration. Some of them are quite conventional and some are quite out there.This is a Waverly curtain in Country Living Toile pattern combined with Country Fair Living Gingham pattern. It combines blue, yellow, and white colors and would be great solution for kitchen or living room. I love it especially for the French Country feel and gentle combination of patterns.This is another lovely solution that captivated me by its combination of beautiful bright colors. Its perfect, lime green, pink, white and all the tones in between. Notice how the drapes gather on the floor. Its very lovely. This is a great way to spice up your home with color and patterns.This is very simple window set made of drapes with flower motive paired with set of solid colored pink curtains. This is something anyone can do in their home. Just pick a Drape in what ever pattern you like and which will match your furniture and then pull out one color and use it for your sheer curtains.I love stripes but rarely dare to use them in my home. These window curtains in the picture above work well together because of their matching color. If you decide to do something like the image above don’t be afraid to  sprinkle your room with some more examples of stripes. Pillow here and there, chair or sofa upholstery can really do the trick.This is another great combination of colors and patterns. The best thing about it is that you can shop for drape son sale that have only one panel left! This could mean some serious money saving! You can shop around and combine different brands and store. It is also easy to update your window dressing. Just mix and match drapes in your whole house! you can even trade with your friends and family.