Today I have been working on a pearl photoshop image for my new iPhone app. As I have been browsing the internet for inspiration I have come across these beautiful pictures. These rose, pearls, lace and mirror make such a wonderful arrangement.I hear Chanel went all out with pearls for the next season. I guess I will have to get hold of some pearl necklaces too. I should tell my husband =) Christmas is coming up too, right?I have just finished reading War and Peace and this reminds me of the atmosphere of the book and society of my grandmothers childhood. My grandmother is 96 years old and her memory reaches the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Sometimes I wish I had  huge house that I could decorate just for the beauty of it a not be worried about space and function all the time. You know…decorating corner of some room just for the sake of art.But huge, functional and beautiful kitchen wouldn’t harm either!Beautiful arrangement, but i would’t want to be the maid in that house..all that dusting.Sweet and delicate. i love it. But i don’t think i could bend over in that skirt or even sit down.