So as I have been looking for inspiration for what to do with my new antique frame i came across these ideas. I think we have all seen old doors done as headboards and such, but look at these old windows. Its so original!!!

Beautiful….the window, the chandelier! may be I will ask at some of the local cathedrals if I can have one of their windows…=)
I will be looking for one of these from now on. I have to have one just like that!
I love the colors, the shabbiness, the idea itself,…If only I had a cottage to furnish.I think that I will do something like that in Elisa’s room. Display there small artifacts of my motherhood bliss.Great idea for message board, chores, …just splendid!I have fallen in love with this! I would use it to display my favorite book of the week, Elisa’s freshly picked flowers, her scarf, neckless, outgrown toy, and anything else that is beautiful and sweet.