If you have a cast iron radiator in your home or office and don’t know what to do with it here are few ideas. If you want to create traditional atmosphere in your home you might want to try pairing it with matching traditional wallpaper. Or to create contrast in your space you can also select modern style wallpaper. That is what I now came to love about cast iron radiators. They fit into traditional as well as modern space. You can go crazy with them. Here are some great ideas and inspiration for you.


I have learned to my surprise that cast iron is a great material for manufacturing radiators. Thanks to its hight heat capacity it is a very energy efficient as it retains heat much longer that steel or other material used for modern heaters. Also it requires only small amount of energy to heat the room and its stores the heat. Its very good choice for heating large as well as small spaces. Who new, right?

Just a side note, never cover your heater with cover or cabinet. That is a big no no. The heater is there to heat your space and covering it only lowers its efficiency at heating the space.

Cast iron radiators are also good choice for people suffering from allergies. And here is why:

“Modern radiators work by convection and as they circulate air around the room they will also circulate dust. Cast iron radiators work by gently radiating heat causing less air and dust movement and in turn causing less dust allergies to occur.”

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~Information and images via www.projectbook.co.uk and http://www.paladinradiators.com/blog/~