Every room of my apartment has one cast iron radiator. The whole building is heated with these. Most people replace these old fashioned radiators with new smaller heaters. Yes I was also tempted to give into this trend, but I just couldn’t do it. Trend is exactly what it is. The only advantage to replacing the old fashioned radiators is saving some space. To me these radiators are witness of times past and I feel that they should be preserved.

1. Clean heaters with warm soapy water. Remove all dust and grease. Wait for them to dry. Make sure you let to cool them down before you move on to the next step.

This is a great tool to cleat tight spaces in between the radiator pipes.

2. Remove old  paint if its pealing off. My heaters have pretty much no paint left on them so I skipped this step.

3. On a dry, clean surface apply layer of anticorrosive  paint. I have used Balakryl Antikor (water based, without strong smell, certified for toys and for use in food services).

4. Apply 1-2 layers  (or more if needed) of Ivory Glossy Balakryl Uni (certified for use on toys and in food services) or Radet (certified for use on toys). I like to use Ivory color as it is neutral and will match with anything.

Sources: http://www.balakryl.cz/

As I was about to post this article I got a hunch that I should research cast iron radiators a little bit more, just to see if I was right at my decision to preserve our old radiators. I was very please to find these articles that talk about cast iron radiators a little bit more. I will write about my finding in my next post.