Here it comes! This is my first out of School project. I am very excited. The demo started last week! So wish me luck.

Project Information

The area consists mostly of a socialist era concrete buildings built in early 1980’s. The apartment of about 30 m2 is located on a 5th floor of a 12 story apartment building. It has all of its windows  oriented to east. Original floor plan divides the space into hallway, washroom, toilet, living area and small kitchen corner. There is no bedroom. With the apartment comes a small pantry located at the same floor and a small storage unit in the basement.

Client is expecting her first child and would like to create a semi-private bedroom area for her child. She has also asked for a 140cm x 200cm bed to be places in the floor plan, living room area, office area, as well as a nice kitchen and bathroom. Client has specifically ask to keep the hallway enclosed with the original built-in closets.

Design Proposal

*At the very beginning of the project I have prepared for my client 4 different designs to choose from. My intention was to explore all of the possible solutions and discuss them with my client. I did this because I feel that many times client doesn’t know what they want or they just can’t imagine how something would actually look like. From that reason I believe in visualizations, even at an early stage of a project. Client has selected option number 2 to be carried out.


{Kitchen with Dinning Area}

The rest of the apartment have not undergone the renovation yet.