New Shirt

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Moje tricka na

Prodavam sva tricka na novem webu obchodu Zatim je jich jenom par, a tady jsou na ukazku. Jedno tricko stoji 349 Kc.eifelovka-grey-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-white-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-pink-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-grey-Ladies_tee_basic1296eifelovka-grey-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-white-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-pink-Ladies_tee_basic1296 audrey-grey-Ladies_tee_basic1296

Britska Ctvrt



Some time ago a classmate from my elementary school contacted me with a request to create for him and his fiancé Living room a bathroom sample/concept boards. This apartment is a new residential development project and my clients were on a budget and i had to work somewhat within the basic material selection provided by the developer.

TondaKristNavrhObyvak-01 TondaKristNavrhKoupelna-01 Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 5.46.13 PM


Loft Interior Remodel


, , , , , , ,

This project is for a very lovely family who purchased a loft apartment and would like to transform the interiors to fit their needs and to maximize the limited space it provides. The challenge here is low sloping ceiling and small floor space. What you see below is my vision of how to give this amazing family of 5 the best living room/guest room, kitchen, dinning room and office in one open space layout. The requirement is therefore airy feel and cozy at the same time, efficient space & storage utilization, simple minimalistic kitchen, sleeper sofa, staircase railing that wouldn’t obstruct view and at the same time will provide necessary safety. Following are first stage designs.
A1 zezula north wall presentation1 presentation2-01 presentation3

2 Arcticles About My Interior Design Bussiness


Online magazine Proti Sedi has published 2 articles about me. You can read them here: and here! Click english flag in top right area for english version of some articles. Mine is only in czech so use google translate for english readers =)

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.37.09 AM

Tramila Jewellery

Two very talented ladies from Tramila Jewellery, have asked me to work with them on their jewelry packaging and branding. It took us some time to get here, but I think that we are finally done with most of the designs. We all work on a number of projects and so it was sometimes difficult to find time to meet and all work together. But I don’t regret it in the least. It was fun and it makes me happy to see my designs at work.

bag design2-01

Here is some of their work:

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.49.17 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.49.32 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.49.47 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.50.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.50.01 AM

You can find them here:

Work in Spring …



Early this spring iPod and iPad apps made it to the paid section of the iTunes store! This makes me very happy and more motivated to continue working on these apps to make them more refined and pleasing to its users. Thank to all those who purchased our apps! It really does make a difference when someone buys your work!

Check out IntonationPlus and Pocket Networker. Go to iTunes and search for them. They are created by my husband Matt from Curious Development and myself. Matt is the brain of the IT stuff and i am the graphic designer. I guess I could glorify myself to an art director =)Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.52.36 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.52.58 AM

What I’ve been up to?

So I have been quite on my blog for some time now. One reason has been that my kid is more often sick home that at school, secondly I myself have been having an awful time with this terrible spring! We say in Prague this year that the Norwegians and Swedish have stolen our summer! It has been very cold till march, then “spring came” and the weather kept on sucking!!! And here we are today with the flooding. Yep. I haven’t been in much mood to write. This weather just sucks away on my creativity, but hopefully that will take a turn for better soon. I am very optimistic.

977162_451442864942030_1983282064_o 968894_451442908275359_618748666_n

A first dove of hope was my recent trip to London. i went for a week. And it was amazing! I went to see 3 musicals. The best of coarse the BoM at the Prince of Wales Theater at the West End, London. I left with some memorabilia pins and bag that i might brave on a day I feel like nice serving of weird looks. But hell, those who seen BoM musical…will understand. Thank you Trey parker and Matt Stone! Your musical was a TREAT!!!

So London and other two musicals. The Jersey Boys and The Chorus line. Very nice too. But nothing beats “hello mu name is …” or hasadigaeebowai (or how its spelled).. one of my favourite too … ” i have awakened…yeah …im not surprised..with those 12 cups of coffe you just drank”…those who know, will understand.

Enough of my rambling =) i will post another post with my recent work. To keep my blog from falling in obscurity.

Digital Scrapbooking Papers and Backgrounds


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Damask B&W Collection #95 A4

To see my digital papers and backgrounds go to my e-shop at …Fler is similar to (US version).

I have 12″x12″ as well as A4 size artwork. My works are intended for personal use as well as small commercial use. For anything bigger contact me for pricing. You can use my designs for your business projects.

Pocket Networker is Out!


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All of our apps come in iPhone and iPad version!

Pocket Networker

Now on iTunes Apple Store!

My husband and I worked again together on this app. He programmed the whole thing and I was the graphic designer. Graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator.


Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 5.50.06 PMScreen Shot 2013-02-04 at 5.50.24 PM

Pocket Networker


, ,

Newest App graphics that I am working on is a my husbands Pocket Networker that will be soon available at iTunes Apple Store. I’m In charge of all the graphics and it has been a lot of fun so far with this app. And I am serious… imagine me at the computer trying to work and my little daughter tickling me so that I would come and watch Tinker bell with her… =)


Evening Browsing for Pillows


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So I just felt tonight like looking for some nice throw pillows. I looked at few places and somehow it all turned into a Holiday mix for interiors…hope you like it and get inspired 😉


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The Mongolian lambskin pillow covers look so soft and fuzzy. They would be perfect for your summer home. They look soft, warm and so comfortable. Little bit of the Holiday cheer will bring the red felt ball wreath and wood cut tree decorations all by west elm.

All made from 100% cotton canvas the green clove spade pillow, Flame lattice and Mustard/Putty diamond cover pillows bring even more of the Holiday colors into the room. Made by Serena& Lily they will add fun patterns and textures anywhere you put them.

 The brass bibelot “dora maar” by Jonathan Adler is a bit pricy for $495 but its a piece that will last a lifetime as the polished brass always develops a rich, natural patina over time. Its sits on a marble base,…which…you know I love marble. I would have been a happy camper in Ancient Greece. I think this is more of a masculine decorative piece but I like it. There is something very interesting about the multiple faces. There is also this sense of softness about it vs. the masculine massiveness and visual weight. You know I think this might be a great Christmas gift for your dads or husbands study.

Hammered Metal Lamp by Serena&Lily with a white linen shade is a beautiful hand work with a satiny smooth finish, embellished with two rows of nail heads which gives it a great texture. It is priced at $345 and I think that you will get your moneys worth.

Now all we need is a Christmas tree, hot cocoa and we are set!

{images via Jonathan Adler, West Elm, and Serena & Lily)

I am now officially on and!!!!


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I have stocked my shops with my Online Interior Design Packages. I am still going to keep my check out pages under “BUY NOW” tab but I will be trying to get most of my purchases through or

Můj inzerát na

Inzerát na mé online služby můžete nyní shlédnout na!


Vintage Wallpaper Giveaway!


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EVERYONE CAN WIN! Just send me your email address and comment here! …And I will email you this wallpaper!

I have created vintage print.  I just tried it out at my iMac and I think it looks nice.

Giveaway from October 12, 2012 to midnight October 19, 2012.

Everyone who completes the 2 following steps will receive this wallpaper through email! Remember that it’s for limited time only!

To qualify for my giveaway:

1. Leave comment at this post

2. Contact me through my “Contact” Page

with your email information so that I can email you the vintage wallpaper.

Goodnight Symphony of Tufted Headboards


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For todays post I have decided to elaborate on tufted headboards. Its something I wanted to do for a long time, because they are timeless and elegant. Its something that can be passed down in a family. I am  keeping my eye out for an antique piece that needs some TLC so that I can make my own family heirloom. Headboards tend to be quite expensive but there is lot of DIY projects that can bring the price down significantly.

First of all there are different types of headboards: plain upholstered, tufted upholstered, bookcase headboards, ornate/carved or simple lines. They can be made from wood or metal, when of coarse each material has it limitations.


This is the famous 1950’s Wingback chairs little sister =)

{round corners}

Their shape can be straight rectangle, different curved shapes or they can just have round corners. Here are two charts that I was able to find online as well as few examples.


This is an example of a diamond tufted pattern. I love the lime green fabric. Although I prefer traditional headboards I really enjoy combination of traditional tufted headboard with bold modern fabric.


This is just such a beautiful soothing piece. Plain pale blue fabric on white stressed wood carved frame. Upholstered headboards have a very soft and cozy feel . You can put this kind of headboard anywhere and it will look great. Wood carved headboards with ornate design are a great fit for traditional as well as contemporary interiors. They can be also upholstered like at that picture above.

This is a great example of a modern twist to a simple upholstered headboard. I love the color and the contemporary lines.

If you were wondering what are your options with carved headboard =)

Now don’t stop your imagination at traditional wood headboards. Wood can be used in many ways to create amazing interiors! These are some wonderful rustic examples.

Metal is a cold and hard material. One could think that metal headboards have more of a masculine feel to them but if you look at the examples above, if you add curves they become increasingly feminine and soft.

The following creative examples are a category of their own. Enjoy!

Need place to display your art piece? There you go!

I can imagine that you could use also hockey sticks, or tennis rackets…Beautiful barn door idea, complete with hinges, lock and pair of lamps. This is actually a great concept for little boys room and if you change color for a little girl.No comment…this is just stunning!
Vintage window
Vintage signold doorsvintage shuttersbookcase headboard
…you could also switch it with family photos

I will also mention chalkboard wall as a headboard or you could just paint faux headboard on a wall if you must stay on a budget! I hope you enjoyed these headboard pictures that I collected for you. Let me know if you did!!!!

Rolling Library Ladder


, , ,

Rolling library ladder is a brilliant idea! From practical perspective it adds a great amount of storage in upper cabinets. It can curve to adjust to the cabinetry it serves. You can paint it any color to fit your interiors. And best of all, it takes up very little space!

I love the red color combined with white hardwood floor with almost a vintage look and the sleek modern office desk. 
Library ladder is not tied only with books. It is so versatile that it can be used in almost any space or room in your house. For example this kitchen (or bathroom in my earlier post).
I used to associate ladder with yard work and what ever you can find in a barn. Well you  would be surprise how well it looks in upscale spaces like sitting rooms. If ladder is well-selected it will never look out-of-place.

Need to sneak bit of bedroom into your office? But you don’t have enough space? Well here is an idea for you. All you need is enough ceiling height.I love books. My family has so many and the amount just keeps growing with years that every decade we have to weed out the less attractive titles other wise we would have to open our own library. I know for a fact that my grandmother has taken wheel carts, I mean literally wheel cart loads … full of books that didn’t make the cut to some antiquarian bookshop in the 90’s. Then my dad had to move half of our books from our apartment to our cottage in the country side just to make space for his new books. i had the honor to sort through them and organize them by topic….there were so many o them!!! Now I am truly considering building a large library with library ladder at our country home as there is no more space for any new books. And i don’t thin we will just stop reading =)

So , here are few pictures of library ladder i found on the web. I hope they will help you to better your library!

*Photos from various sources.

Beauty of Claw-Foot Bathtubs


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Right now I am working for a client with a small one bedroom apartment. It’s relatively small place but it has some great perks. The building is from 1920’s and still has the original hardwood flooring and 11′ high ceilings. Now the age of the building comes with some restrictions, because it is protected by our Prague’s Historic Preservation Agency. So any changes to the building have to be first approved. This is my first experience with a historical building. I actually feel very happy for this opportunity.

From some reason, and I don’t know why, I felt drawn to begin with designing the bathroom first. Usually i start with living spaces, but this time my design starting point was a bathroom and a claw foot tub.

What I like about this piece is the vibrant green color. It goes great with the octagonal mosaic tile floor. But would look even better with a different subway wall tile though. I can imagine this bathroom for a client who enjoys nature and vintage design. But then, all those who love claw-foot bathtubs must enjoy vintage design style.Now, this bathroom is huge! I hope, that maybe one day I will have a client with bathroom of this size, but for now I must be happy with designing tight spaces. What caught my eye , other that the vastness of space, was the tile choice. Somehow black and white tile goes amazingly well with claw-foot tubs as well as freestanding tubs. Plus I just love chandeliers in bathrooms…There is something french about this beauty. I don’t want to see the price tag, but I love it. I want it!
Chandelier, love it , love it! And the floor tile is once again spot on! Small octagonal tiles with dark grout support the vintage theme and underline the beauty of freestanding bathtub.Rich dark blue contrasted with snow-white shower curtain placed against an accent wall.  Plus notice the crystal chandelier. I grew up in home with crystal chandeliers and so that is my excuse why crystal has stuck with me. And don’t forget that some of the best crystal comes from czech glass factories!
Wood slats wall panelling with black tub, octagonal floor tile. It’s once again clean, simple  and yet vintage.

That’s some big mirror. Great idea for a console table if you are not in need for a storage space. This space is an interesting mix of modern and traditional decor.


Closet Space in Bathrooms


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Rolling ladder to get access to hard to reach storage. Also a great way to turn your bathroom into a secondary closet.Provided that the bathroom has a proper ventilation to prevent your clothes, shoes and other necessary accessories from damage. I am specifying this idea for my current client. I will make sure to post how it turned out.

I have been recently thinking about fitting our bathrooms with more shelves. Few behind the toilet like in this picture . I have a big family and there is always lack of storage. I think that even shelves on both sides of sink above its counter are good idea for tight space. It wouldn’t be the best solution for all of course.What I like about this bathroom is the way it fits even small shelves wherever it can like above the tub. I mean the shelves look very narrow but you wouldn’t believe that girl could fit on those =)Now this is a great idea for small apartments or rentals. I think that its very cute. I think that Bed BAth and Beyond sells them.Once again, narrow shelves that could make a lot of difference in small bathroom.I really like the bathroom door towel bars. If you have no free wall space in your bathroom this will solve your problem just as the idea on a photo below.There is a lots of wasted space above doors. I have seen version of this idea in Ikea displaying hallway storage solutions. Make sure you use nice brackets and you are set.Sometimes there is a dead space left behind the bathtub and fitting it with shelves is very common solution.
This is a round shelve storage idea from sliced barrel fitted with shelves to store bathroom necessities.
Some neat pullouts. Great custom design idea.Clothing rod to incorporate bit of a closet space in your bathroom.

Space efficient, versatile, and innovative furniture= Clei


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If you have never heard of Clei, its an Italian based furnishings company that simply rocks. If you ever lived in a tight space, you will come to appreciate their products. There are two Clei furniture collections: LIVING SYSTEMS and YOUNG SYSTEMS. They both showcase wonderful solutions for small spaces that need to double as a bedroom and office, or bedroom and living room or even dinning room. All of their systems are in some way transformable. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

This one is their winner of INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD 2012 {}

What I like about this idea is that the wall behind the bed remains usable. I have seen many apartments where large wall hight cabinet would crowd the entire room, but this bed would leave the room airy. And The wall behind it would be a perfect place to display family pictures or photographs from travels.

Bed that folds down on top of a stylish sofa..what a great idea. A true innovation. And the upholstery fabric looks beautiful. One must love the combination of orange and gold traditional floral pattern. I think that the fabric really adds a soft touch to the Italian sleek and very often a little bit on the cooler side design style. Its simplistic and ornamental and that makes it very much my kind of style, which is fusion of contemporary and traditional design style.
In 2011 I have used czech company that makes also nice murphy beds. Its called FK System s.r.o. and the picture above is one of their products. I have specified it for my client as a solution to create room that would double as an office as well as bedroom and living room.

Lizzie Rose Jewelry


, , ,

Just the other day I came across a wonderful jewelry maker. Her name is Catherine and she is a native of Yorkshire, England although she currently lives in Singapore. She is the Owner, Maker, Designer of Lizzie Rose Jewelry online shop at Etsy. As she says on her shops site ” Living life to the full in our wonderful world inspires me to make jewellery which is both fun & stylish.” Her beautiful designs are suitable for all ages. It looks like her worldwide shipping cost is $1.70.

Here is a trio of my most favorite pieces. Enjoy!

Charm Bracelet in colours of Pale Lilac, Mauve & Slate Grey ($20) This would be a perfect gift for someone with a romantic soul!

Charming Vintage Look Bracelet in Rich Pinks, Greens & Lime ($20) Such a lovely bracelet. I can totally picture it on my little angel.

Stunning Necklace in Turquoise Yemeni Beads ($ 25) This last of the trio evokes exotic atmosphere. On a site of it I think of hot deserts, sand, and oasis. Very beautiful.

Fall fall fall …


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Are you ready for fall? Well I’m not–so far I plan on wearing my new summer dresses for as long as I can paired with some nice leggings and jackets for cooler days. I sure hope this is going to be a mild fall because I am in no way prepared for our typical Prague fall with its wet, windy and cold weather. Honestly I would much rather it to be -20C like in Rexburg, ID than 5C and wet cold that gets to your very bones. Uhh brrr…

But to cheer you up here are few updates on what to expect this fall on the field of fashion. It seems like the colors of this season will be my kind of colors. I mean what girl could resist pink, gold, olympian blue or rose smoke? Right?

Here is the Pantone fashion color report for fall 2012. Thank you Pantone for your great report!


I just equipped myself with nice new pair of dark blue leggings and honey gold handbag and I am really hoping to take out my new Marc Jacobs high heels (dark blue shoes with blue gem set in gold on the tip) for a stroll. I might post some pics of how it went later.

And now here is some inspiration from Shabby Apple. I especially enjoyed their Zoology line for women’s dresses. Usually at about this time of year (pre-fall /fall) my little family and I frequents our town’s zoo Troja. My daughter loves it there. Looking at these beautiful Shabby Apple dresses I can absolutely see myself wearing one of them to our special zoo trips.


It evokes in me coming fall and winter with its mulled wine, grog, hot cider, my moms dried apples from our garden/orchard (we got lots of trees), markets in the downtown prague, roasted chest nuts from a vendor… hmm yummy.

My favorite model is Womens Shabby Apple dress Tigris for $ 118. Its a beautiful wool blend foldover collar dress. It has an old-world feel to it, its very elegant and chic. The color combination of ivory and burnt orange houndstooth simply captivates the essence of fall.

Tigris Womens Dress from Shabby Apple

Now I feel like going on a trip to Vienna or Paris,…may be even somewhere south like Italy. One just has to love those yellow buses (student agency). i will have to check out their prices. I want to go somewhere with good shopping. I went to Vienna last spring and came back with my lovely Marc Jacobs shoes. So may be Paris to change it up? Or may be I should visit a friend in Florence. I just can’t decide.

Remembering summer in Greece… oh how I miss it!


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   I decided on a last minute usually, to go on a vacation last June. I fear that it has become sort of habit now to do things on a last minute, always catching up on something, constantly juggling fun, work and family. But this adventure turned out to be a good thing. The holiday was spectacular! I stayed at Mitsis Ramira Beach Hotel near capital of Kos (you can find my humble review on TripAdvisor). Anyways, now that I can feel the Fall slowly creeping in, I appreciate all of my greek heaven memories. And so to recapture those lovely times here we have this post.

'collection of bags Adi Gal and Gili Rozin designed for Medusa line called "Ornomentica" '. What I love about it is how it
resonates the character of Mediterranean cultures.
Now, this is a little out of place but this beautiful Versace watch
would be great accessory... one needs to know what time it is..even
in paradise.

This is a classic piece of greece inspired jewelry. Turquoise stone
set in gold. I just love it.

This is just to give you a little taste of the different trinkets to be found there.

Our Intonation Lite (guitar tuner) app is out!!!


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Intonation Lite is Out!!!

Our guitar tuner is available on itunes. We already had over 1500 downloads in the first two weeks! To try it out for free go to My husband has  worked on the programming part of this app and I have created the graphics. Once again this is the Lite version and our full version will be coming out sometime this year. The full version will include more features and learning material. For example full feature metronome, scales, chords and bass and guitar tuner already included in the Lite version. Let us know what you think about this app. We would love some reviews!!!

Stripes, stripes, stripes!


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I had to research stripes in interiors while working on one of my last projects. I have never been a huge fan of stripes. Usually they were just to bold for my taste, but recently I have fallen in love with them. Here are some application I came across in the last weeks.

Notice how subtle these stripes are. Very gentle, not overpowering, not a focal point. They spice up the space and add class. I think the color choice is what makes this particular room looks soft, traditional and sophisticated.

When I first saw this one I thought like wow, a but much, isn’t it. But then, we are all different, and for some this might work. After looking at this photo for a while I see that its well put together, balanced, but yes it is bold. It would be great for bold clients who are looking for something unusual and who are not afraid to draw attention.

animal print living room ideas Animal Print Living Room Decorating Ideas

Black wall backdrop for these amazing animal prints photographs. Nature is a beautiful artist. How beautiful. I never likes animal prints on clothing as they seem too much out there and they kinda visually shout. But these prints as a piece of art is just stunning. I will definitely be making mental not to remember this for future when I have a client who loves Africa, nature and such.

animal print living room Animal Print Living Room Decorating Ideas

Gold, glass, crystal, animal stripes, and black & white. I love it. But its not for everyone.

Simple black and white stripes on walls can be paired with traditional pieces as well as modern simple lines. (See golden mirror and modern side board.)

Would love to shop in a store like that. Very colorful, cheerful and so yes, I would enjoy spending money there.

Stripes come all sorts of widths they can be vertical or horizontal, thick or thin. The right choice for your space depends on specifics of each home and room. I personally love thin vertical stripes for bathrooms and wider horizontal black and white stripes for living spaces.

How to Jazz up your Interiors with Stripes

I personally prefer black and white stripes but I can’t deny that these spaces look great! Notice the horizontal colorful stripes with the floral chair in the bathroom. Its very nice.

Garsonka Studio Apartment After Photos


, , ,

Do you remember my last years project? Here is the link to Garsonka Apartment Studio Remodel. Here are some stage 1 after photos. Enjoy the new kitchen photographs!

Nyni k dostani Darkove Certifikaty! Now Gift Certificates Available!


4+1 Apartment Renovation

Our Homes and Air Purifying Plants


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According to NASA “house plants can purify and rejuvenate air within our houses and workplaces, safeguarding us all from any side effects connected with prevalent toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and also benzene.”

As I am still finishing my daughters bedroom remodel I am deciding which plants to put in her room. What bothers me most is the possible formaldehyde that could be in the air she breathes as she has floors. I came across a list of plants that have been proven to reduce VOC’s and other toxins in the air. I had to search the web for their images, because I wasn’t sure how do they all look like. They each have different abilities to reduce or completely remove some toxins from the air. So carefully research what you need most and then choose your plant.

I mainly need to remove Formaldehyde from newly remodeled room and of coarse remove VOC’s. I think I will go with number Janet Craig – Dracaena for its ability to reduce Formaldehyde and Chrysanthemum because its the only plant from the best air purifying plants that blooms.

1. Areca Palm tree




2. Lady Palm



3. Bamboo Palm


4. Rubber Plant


5. Janet Craig – Dracaena


6.English Ivy


7. Date Palm Tree


8. Ficus Alii


9. Boston Fern


10. Peace Lily


11. Aloe Vera


12. Spider Plant


13. Chrysanthemum


14. Heart Leaf Philodendron


15. Snake Plants or Mother of Law Tongue


Plant Decorating Ideas For Home








For Office Spaces

images via 

“Make sure to Maintain your house plants in a good condition and make sure you have enough of them. The NASA research advised that there should be a six inch plant for every 100 sq feet of interior living space.”


Creative Window Dressings

I am recently working on dressing our living room windows. We have actually a whole wall of windows that is about 4 meters long. I came up with an idea to mix different curtain patterns. And here is some solutions that I found online for inspiration. Some of them are quite conventional and some are quite out there.This is a Waverly curtain in Country Living Toile pattern combined with Country Fair Living Gingham pattern. It combines blue, yellow, and white colors and would be great solution for kitchen or living room. I love it especially for the French Country feel and gentle combination of patterns.This is another lovely solution that captivated me by its combination of beautiful bright colors. Its perfect, lime green, pink, white and all the tones in between. Notice how the drapes gather on the floor. Its very lovely. This is a great way to spice up your home with color and patterns.This is very simple window set made of drapes with flower motive paired with set of solid colored pink curtains. This is something anyone can do in their home. Just pick a Drape in what ever pattern you like and which will match your furniture and then pull out one color and use it for your sheer curtains.I love stripes but rarely dare to use them in my home. These window curtains in the picture above work well together because of their matching color. If you decide to do something like the image above don’t be afraid to  sprinkle your room with some more examples of stripes. Pillow here and there, chair or sofa upholstery can really do the trick.This is another great combination of colors and patterns. The best thing about it is that you can shop for drape son sale that have only one panel left! This could mean some serious money saving! You can shop around and combine different brands and store. It is also easy to update your window dressing. Just mix and match drapes in your whole house! you can even trade with your friends and family.

Adorable Pearls, Faded Colors, and Chanel

Today I have been working on a pearl photoshop image for my new iPhone app. As I have been browsing the internet for inspiration I have come across these beautiful pictures. These rose, pearls, lace and mirror make such a wonderful arrangement.I hear Chanel went all out with pearls for the next season. I guess I will have to get hold of some pearl necklaces too. I should tell my husband =) Christmas is coming up too, right?I have just finished reading War and Peace and this reminds me of the atmosphere of the book and society of my grandmothers childhood. My grandmother is 96 years old and her memory reaches the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Sometimes I wish I had  huge house that I could decorate just for the beauty of it a not be worried about space and function all the time. You know…decorating corner of some room just for the sake of art.But huge, functional and beautiful kitchen wouldn’t harm either!Beautiful arrangement, but i would’t want to be the maid in that house..all that dusting.Sweet and delicate. i love it. But i don’t think i could bend over in that skirt or even sit down.

Windows and Frames



So as I have been looking for inspiration for what to do with my new antique frame i came across these ideas. I think we have all seen old doors done as headboards and such, but look at these old windows. Its so original!!!

Beautiful….the window, the chandelier! may be I will ask at some of the local cathedrals if I can have one of their windows…=)
I will be looking for one of these from now on. I have to have one just like that!
I love the colors, the shabbiness, the idea itself,…If only I had a cottage to furnish.I think that I will do something like that in Elisa’s room. Display there small artifacts of my motherhood bliss.Great idea for message board, chores, …just splendid!I have fallen in love with this! I would use it to display my favorite book of the week, Elisa’s freshly picked flowers, her scarf, neckless, outgrown toy, and anything else that is beautiful and sweet.

Auctions, Antiques and Inspiration

Do you ever find inspiration in antique stores and auctioning sites? I have just made my very first antique purchase last week. There is a nice “Starozitnosti” store near Namesti Miru with many beautiful old paintings with gorgeous frames. This is the one that has caught my eye. Can you see the beautiful patina? And I got it for only 28$! i am not sure what am I going to do with it yet, but I am thinking about turning it into a mirror. But I might also just keep it for decoration just the way it is.

I have been browsing Prague local antique auction sites look what i found. If i could I would buy them all and turn my house into a gallery. Well my husband already mentioned to me that me and my parents could open a little gallery.

Beautiful baroque mirror. I am thinking about getting it.

Cast Iron Radiators Making a Comeback!

If you have a cast iron radiator in your home or office and don’t know what to do with it here are few ideas. If you want to create traditional atmosphere in your home you might want to try pairing it with matching traditional wallpaper. Or to create contrast in your space you can also select modern style wallpaper. That is what I now came to love about cast iron radiators. They fit into traditional as well as modern space. You can go crazy with them. Here are some great ideas and inspiration for you.


I have learned to my surprise that cast iron is a great material for manufacturing radiators. Thanks to its hight heat capacity it is a very energy efficient as it retains heat much longer that steel or other material used for modern heaters. Also it requires only small amount of energy to heat the room and its stores the heat. Its very good choice for heating large as well as small spaces. Who new, right?

Just a side note, never cover your heater with cover or cabinet. That is a big no no. The heater is there to heat your space and covering it only lowers its efficiency at heating the space.

Cast iron radiators are also good choice for people suffering from allergies. And here is why:

“Modern radiators work by convection and as they circulate air around the room they will also circulate dust. Cast iron radiators work by gently radiating heat causing less air and dust movement and in turn causing less dust allergies to occur.”

To read more go to these links:

Myths about Cast Iron Radiators Green Radiators , Art of Work

~Information and images via and

Cast Iron Radiator DIY Renovation

Every room of my apartment has one cast iron radiator. The whole building is heated with these. Most people replace these old fashioned radiators with new smaller heaters. Yes I was also tempted to give into this trend, but I just couldn’t do it. Trend is exactly what it is. The only advantage to replacing the old fashioned radiators is saving some space. To me these radiators are witness of times past and I feel that they should be preserved.

1. Clean heaters with warm soapy water. Remove all dust and grease. Wait for them to dry. Make sure you let to cool them down before you move on to the next step.

This is a great tool to cleat tight spaces in between the radiator pipes.

2. Remove old  paint if its pealing off. My heaters have pretty much no paint left on them so I skipped this step.

3. On a dry, clean surface apply layer of anticorrosive  paint. I have used Balakryl Antikor (water based, without strong smell, certified for toys and for use in food services).

4. Apply 1-2 layers  (or more if needed) of Ivory Glossy Balakryl Uni (certified for use on toys and in food services) or Radet (certified for use on toys). I like to use Ivory color as it is neutral and will match with anything.


As I was about to post this article I got a hunch that I should research cast iron radiators a little bit more, just to see if I was right at my decision to preserve our old radiators. I was very please to find these articles that talk about cast iron radiators a little bit more. I will write about my finding in my next post.

Little Girl’s Room

This is one of my first changes in my apartment. My little girl is 3 years old and her old room was too dark and out of date. I am still working on decorating room, but these are some of the changes that I have already done:

I have stripped the old wall paper and painted the room ocher with one pink accent wall. Original PVC floor was replaced with laminate.

I have purchased new bed and chest of drawers from Ikea. They are very practical as well as beautiful. Bed can transform into queen size bed and it has 3 drawers for storage.

I have renovated the old windows with some fresh paint and fitted them with new curtains.

I have reused 3 cabinets dating from 1950-ties by painting them white and adding some new hardware. I have decided to do that because they were made from solid wood.


We have moved to Prague last November and have been slowly making changes to our apartment. Now the time has come to do something about our daughters room, which has pretty much served as a closet for nearly a decade.

The bedroom is located in a socialistic prefabricated conrete building from early 1980′s. The room had old wood windows with peeling paint. The wallpaper was very old and underneath it was even older wallpaper originally applied in the 1980′s. The walls had many large holes and one wall was finished with some kind of material similar to gypsum board with some other questionable materials added. This material was stapled to the concrete wall wit 12 large anchors that were every difficult to pull out. Also industrial glue for PVC glue down installation was used on half of the wallpaper. So what was originally and easy demo and prep work turned into a whole day worth of work. The sort of gypsum board had to be broken up and removed, wallpaper had to be almost chiseled off and the holes in a wall cemented in. The gypsum board contained some very nasty ingredients because contractor later complained of burning skin and lungs and as if he had splinter on his hands. Before demo I have asked him to wear gloves and mask but he refused. I don’t know but I think that contractors feel sometimes too confident for their own good.


But anyways, the contractor put a new stucco up and painter the walls. The next day Matt and I stripped the old windows of the old layers of paint and refinished them with a specialty window paint  from Balakryl (ecological water soluble paint approved for use on children toys and in a food services).

I have taken care to choose products with low VOC’s such as water soluble paints. Wall paint contained 1g/l of VOC’s and window paint 30g/l.


In the czech republic in the past decades the use of “perinak” was very common. It is sort of a chest used for storage of bedding. This bedroom contained some furniture of a little value but there were two pieces that I decided to preserve from economical as well as ecological reasons. They are both made from solid wood, finished with only a light stain. This made it desirable as furniture available within our budget is made mainly form wood particle boards which are of lower quality, contain formaldehyde, are heavy, and are hard to refinish. And I have to say that I have really found liking in recycling and refinishing old solid wood furniture.

I have sanded these two pieces to remove their original wood stain. Applied a base coat, lightly sand it over again and applied 3 additional layers. The last layer was a protective coat with a high gloss and resistant against abrasion. The paint was also approved for use at children’s toys and in food services.


New laminate flooring with E1 formaldehyde certification was installed. It has a beautiful dark brown walnut pattern. I have decided to use laminate flooring because I am opposed to PVC and laminate should be a sufficient material to use in a girls bedroom as a low traffic area that will suffer little abuse and will not be subject to high moisture.

As far as my objection to PVC, it is a material that has many excellent qualities. Its durable, fire retardant, soft and warm on feet,  moisture resistant, and it can be manufactured in many beautiful designs ad textures,…it is pretty much indestructible. But PVC is made from oil and in contains plasticizers and other chemicals. But don’t forget, even though its fire retardant, that when smoldering it releases dangerous gases.  But its actually very popular material in Czech, mainly for its affordable price and durability.

Laminate does contain formaldehyde but its use is nowadays monitored pretty well and there is a certification system used within the European Union to assure maximal heath safety. If the material has E1 certification than it should be safe. I suggest to use specific live plants in rooms along with laminate flooring that absorb any formaldehyde gases released from furniture or flooring.

I would love to have some discussion on laminate and PVC flooring. I am myself very torn between those two. Really, what is their effect on health? What is your experience?

Studio “Garsonka” Apartment Remodel


Here it comes! This is my first out of School project. I am very excited. The demo started last week! So wish me luck.

Project Information

The area consists mostly of a socialist era concrete buildings built in early 1980’s. The apartment of about 30 m2 is located on a 5th floor of a 12 story apartment building. It has all of its windows  oriented to east. Original floor plan divides the space into hallway, washroom, toilet, living area and small kitchen corner. There is no bedroom. With the apartment comes a small pantry located at the same floor and a small storage unit in the basement.

Client is expecting her first child and would like to create a semi-private bedroom area for her child. She has also asked for a 140cm x 200cm bed to be places in the floor plan, living room area, office area, as well as a nice kitchen and bathroom. Client has specifically ask to keep the hallway enclosed with the original built-in closets.

Design Proposal

*At the very beginning of the project I have prepared for my client 4 different designs to choose from. My intention was to explore all of the possible solutions and discuss them with my client. I did this because I feel that many times client doesn’t know what they want or they just can’t imagine how something would actually look like. From that reason I believe in visualizations, even at an early stage of a project. Client has selected option number 2 to be carried out.


{Kitchen with Dinning Area}

The rest of the apartment have not undergone the renovation yet.

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2011 once again in Las Vegas!

I was able to visit KBIS in the  Las Vegas Convention Center in 2007 and it was an amazing experience. I wish I could be there this year. Below is some more information on KBIS from their website:

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the world’s largest international trade event focused exclusively on all aspects of kitchens and baths specifically serving kitchen and bath dealers, designers, architects, remodelers, wholesalers and custom builders. It is the ultimate destination to discover the latest products, designs, trends and education that the industry has to offer.

–  Extensive show floor showcasing the latest products
– Complimentary Opening Ceremony
– Highly relevant and informative conference program
– Best of KBIS
– State of the Industry Address
– Dynamic networking events
– World-renowned industry speakers
– Decorative Hardware

Specialty Pavilions
Source products more effectively in these focused areas:

  • Cabinetry
  • Natural Stone & Tile
  • Universal Design/Aging in Place
  • International (China, Italy, Taiwan)


Follow the link for more information KBIS 2011.


Pragointerier is the 22 nd International Fair of Interiors and Living displaying selections of newest furniture designs, floor coverings, interior textiles, and accessories. Me and my husband went to check it out on the very first day it opened and it was great! I saw lots of things I liked, although it was nothing like KBIS. The Fair floor was in places cluttered with sales people who were getting a bit distracting, almost bordering with annoyance.But overall, I had a great time and was pleased with the quality of exhibits.

Here are few selections that I have found at some of the exhibitors websites.

This is a beautiful Kitchen design. Its beauty lays in its simplicity and elegance.

Great choice for modern homes and condos.